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Face-to-Face Diplomacy: Social Neuroscience and International Relations. (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge
University Press, 2018).

Co-winner of “2018 Best Book on Diplomacy Award” from Diplomatic Studies Section of International Studies Association. Reviewed in Perspectives on Politics, International Studies Review, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, Diplomatica, and H-ISSF Roundtable. 


Forthcoming. Overcoming the Four Horsemen of Reassurance Diplomacy: Explaining Variation in Face-to-Face Engagement, Journal of Global Security Studies (with Nicholas J. Wheeler).

Forthcoming. Hawkish Biases and Group Decision-Making, International Organization (with Joshua Kertzer, Brad LeVeck, and Carly Wayne).

2021. The Logic of Negative Appeals: Graphic Imagery, Affective Empathy, and Foreign Development AidGlobal Studies Quarterly (with A. Burcu Bayram).

2021. The Strength of Weak Bonds: Substituting Bodily Copresence in Diplomatic Social BondingEuropean Journal of International Relations (with Nicholas J. Wheeler) 27.3. (Awarded Best Article – International Studies Association Diplomatic Studies Section, 2022)

2021. Assessing the Renaissance of Individuals in International Relations TheoryPS: Political Science & Politics (with Eric Parajon and Richard Jordan) 54.2: 214-219.

2021. Inferring Intentions from Consequences: How Moral Judgments Shape Citizen Perceptions of Wartime ConductJournal of Experimental Political Science (with Jonathan Chu and David Traven) 8.2: 203-207.

2021. Measuring Without a Ruler: Assessing Compliance with Calculative International NormsJournal of Global Security Studies (with David Traven) 6.1.

2020. Feeling their Pain: Affective Empathy and Public Preferences for Foreign AidEuropean Journal of International Relations (with A. Burcu Bayram) 26.3

2020. Social Bonding in DiplomacyInternational Theory 12: 133-161 (with Nicholas J. Wheeler).

2019. Re-evaluating Theory and Methods in Diplomatic History: Bringing in Psychology, Neuroscience, Micro-Sociology, and QuantumDiplomatica 1.1: 19-25.

2018. Palestine in Hebrew: Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Diplomacy, Revista Mexicana de Politica Exterior (Mexican Journal of Foreign Policy) 113 (with Ilan Manor, published as part of special issue on public diplomacy simultaneously in Spanish).

2017. The Psychological Logic of Peace Summits: How Empathy Shapes Outcomes of Diplomatic NegotiationsInternational Studies Quarterly 61: 107-122 (with Keren Yarhi-Milo).

2016. You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression? First Encounters and Face-Based Threat PerceptionJournal of Global Security Studies 1.4: 285-302. (Reviewed in H-Diplo, 2017 Article Review 74)

2015. Believing This and Alieving That: Theorizing Affect and Intuitions in International PoliticsInternational Studies Quarterly 59.4: 706-720.

2015. Acting Rationally without Really Thinking: The Logic Rational Intuitionism in International Relations TheoryInternational Studies Review 17.3: 414-440 (with David Traven).

2015. Fight-or-Flight or Tend-and-Befriend? Stress and the Political Psychology of Crisis DiplomacyThe Hague Journal of Diplomacy 10.1: 15-21

2014. International Politics at the Brain’s Edge: Social Neuroscience and a New “Via Media,” International Studies Perspectives 15.2: 209-228.

2014.The Social Brain Paradigm and Social Norm PuzzlesJournal of Theoretical Politics 26.3: 384-404 (with Costas Panagopoulos).

2013. The Force of Face-to-Face Diplomacy: Mirror Neurons and the Problem of IntentionsInternational Organization 67.4: 827-861. (Awarded Best Article – International Studies Association Diplomatic Studies Section, 2015)

2012. Homeland Security as International Security? The Case for International Relations as Disciplinary ModelJournal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 9.1.

2011. National Security Behavioral Detection: A Typology of Strategies, Costs, and Benefits, Journal of Transportation Security 4.4: 361-374.

2011. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed: Representations of Anarchy in International Relations TheoryInternational Relations of the Asia-Pacific 11.2.

2009. Just How Much Does That Cost Anyway? An Analysis of the Financial Costs and Benefits of the “No-Fly” ListHomeland Security Affairs 5.1.

2007. Culture Without the State: Reinvigorating Ukrainian Culture with Diasporic Efforts, Review of Policy Research 24.2: 133-154.

Edited Books

2015. Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice. Co-edited with Corneliu Bjola (Oxford University). Routledge New Diplomacy Studies.

Book Chapters

2022. Diplomacy in the Rearview Mirror: Implications of Face-to-Face Diplomacy Ritual Disruption for Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the World, edited by Christian Lequesne,
Brill. (PR)

2016. The Social Neuroscience of Secrets in Secret Diplomacy: Theorizing Secrecy Diplomacy, Secret Diplomacy: Concepts, Contexts and Cases, edited by Corneliu Bjola and Stuart Murray, London and New York: Routledge.(PR)

2015. Digital Diplomacy and International Change Management, Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, edited by Corneliu Bjola and Marcus Holmes, London and New York: Routledge (13-32).(PR)

2015. Conclusion: The Future of Digital Diplomacy, Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, edited by Corneliu Bjola and Marcus Holmes, London and New York: Routledge (199-206). (PR)

2012. Liminal Agents and Structures in International Politics, The Paths of Folklore: Essays in Honor of Natalie Kononenko, edited by Svitlana Kukharenko and Peter Holloway, Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers (227-243). (non-PR)